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Zahras Jewelry - a trendsetter in Eastern and Western Jewelry making has launched a series of stunning new additions to their range of name jewelry necklaces and pendants. More can be viewed on Using beautiful cursive styles each jewelry piece is custom hand-crafted for the customer's name on gold or silver and optionally embellished with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. Zahras Jewelry is world recognized for its high standards and exquisite workmanship. They can be contacted on

To celebrate their devotion to time honored traditional jewelry style making, Zahras Jewelry recently launched a range of exquisite name necklaces which truly reflect the beauty of jewelry making and the use of shape and form in cursive calligraphy. Using kufic, thuluth and diwani styles, the pendant is crafted into circles, hexagons, ellipses and teardrops.

Jewelry items are made on silver or gold by artisans versed in Bedouin, Arabic and Persian traditions - a rare skill, difficult to find in this day and age. Each item is individually handmade by these artisans, first sketched on paper, until each loop and curve is shaped into a perfectly harmonized art work - pleasing to the eye while robust in the final phase of creating the jewelry piece. Each artisan with Zahras Jewelry is trained and a master in both calligraphy, artwork and jewelry making. No wonder few companies are able to match the work produced by Zahras Jewelry never mind the continual new concepts, design ideas and promoting such work on the Internet.

Much has been said about Zahras Jewelry's unique approach and their determination to preserve traditional jewelry making skills. They were pioneers in making these traditional skills available to North America and Europe. With unprecedented interest and large volumes of sales, Zahras Jewelry is on their way to becoming a world pacesetter in Arabic and Islamic jewelry design and crafting. Their latest launch of designs is testament to their mission and people around the world have this opportunity to own such a jewelry piece for themselves and to treasure it for always.


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